Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunflower Cake

Sunflower cake ~ For dinner at Mom and Dad’s with my brother and family.

8" Round Butter cake on top of a 10" square with butter cream icing, and chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing.

I was kinda melted, so after this I changed my icing to a 'high humity' variation. no more melted looking icing sliding cakes!

Scooby Doo cake

Scooby Doo was just because cake.
My 7 year old  and I made it together. He was very good at pipping!

It was devils food cake with chocolate and vanilla butter cream icing.

Birthday Oval swirl cake

Happy Birthday Chris!

this was a oval cherry almond rum cake with rum cream cheese icing.

Pirate ship cake

Ben ‘s 4th Birthday Cake

This was my first commisoned cake! I was very excited!

This is 5 layers of white cake with chocolate buttercream icing.
The ‘water’ is blue vanilla buttercream on white cake and is one 18”x14”x3” sheet cake.
The cannon and anchor and flag are made of chocolate fondant and ‘painted’ with edible gold or silver pearl shimmer.
The treasure chest was also chocolate fondant and each doubloon coin was handmade and painted with edible gold pearl shimmer
Everything is edible but the masts and anchor rope.
This cake weighed in at 21 pounds of cake and icing.

The rum bottle is for size comparison. (for you Lisa!)

I have to give thanks to my husband, who helped make the template for the shape, and cut the cakes. He also stayed home with me when we had to cancel our plans and re-bake 3 sheet cakes after the ship broke down the middle! Thanks Honey!

Ganash Filling Anniversary Cake

So my husband and my niece were fussing that I was making 5 cakes this week and they didn’t get to have Any!

So last night while I was working on the Coffee Mug cake I made this one also.

10” square Butter cake (on request)

The remaining Ghirardelli chocolate ganache for the filling layer
Covering in a whipping cream butter cream icing, while made with full fat heavy whipping cream is strangely ‘light and fluffy’
Royal icing flowers
It was not an Anniversary cake, but I took the opportunity to practice my writing.. not sure what happened in the middle of “iver” in anniversary…

I didn't eat any..but this cake looked like it would taste soooo goood....look at that chocolate ganache yumm!

Square Birthday Cake

10" x 4" square - doubled

4 layers of moist chocolate cake with 3 layers of chocolate butter cream icing in the middle and covered in chocolate butter cream with royal icing roses and vanilla butter cream rope boarder.

My first time delivering in a real box! I need to make some PattiCakes! labels for them!

Superman Birthday Cake

Superman cake for an Adult

10" x 2" a rich moist yellow butter cake with chocolate bavarian cream filling and buttercream frosting. Superman emblemis an edibale image (color flow technique worked well and looked great but the red dried almost black red and looked bad. It never dried 100% and my husband said it tasted bad. So I returned the color flow mix back to the cake shop..wonder if it was old? anyways I went with edible image instead of more color flow for time's sake.

Halloween Cake (Class III, final cake. fondant present adaptation cake)

Here is the cake I made for my Course III, class II cake class.

It is a 10”x10”x 4” butter sour cream cake layered with chocolate frosting and black chocolate fondant and Orange butter flavored ghost and skeleton fondant accents.

and yes, black is a hard color to achieve!

Halloween Birthday Cake

Happy 87th Birthday to my Grandfather-in-law Poppo!

A 6” x4” and a 8”x4” double layer of chocolate cake with chocolate filling and butter flavored butter cream icing. Pumpkins are made from vanilla satin ice fondant.

Not a great photo, it looks so shiny and looks like it’s leaning in this photo (it wasn’t)

Halloween Teddy Bear

Halloween Teddy Bear Cake

A Peanut Butter Cake (tasted just like a Peanut Butter Cookie) with the center hollowed out and filled with Chocolate Bavarian Cream filling covering in Chocolate Butter cream frosting.

Pumpkin costume was hand made from marshmallow fondant


I think my husband wanted to get right to the filling or maybe he just wanted the bear to leak filling out of its belly…Yea nice.
Yes he did decapitate it and ate its head.

Football Kick off Cake

Labor Day football cake for our block party.
Chocolate cream cheese cake with milk chocolate butter cream icing on top of a yellow cake with vanilla butter butter cream icing. I used a textured paper towel over the football to give it a 'real' football look.

Flowers and basketweave (Final cake class IV corse II )

Oval cherry chip cake with custard filling and vanilla buttercream icing

Flowers are all handmade from royal icing
Birds are handmade from color flow icing

Basket weave and rope boarders are butter cream

Victorian rose,
rose bud,
apple blossom,

Father's Day Dog Cake

Ok I whipped this one out of the kitchen late last night for dinner with my father today (we didn’t get to see him this weekend on father’s day…so Tuesday it was).

Yes I handmade the puppy dog out of color flow icing.

Dog house cake

Dog House cake.

pinapple cake with pinapple filling and butter cream icing.

Coffee Cup Cake

So this is my second time working with fondant and well I should not have tried an odd shape. I had trouble getting it smooth at the bottom, top looked great..but I cut that away to add the ‘coffee look’.

It turned out ok…not what I had in my head. I also got very tired at midnight for two nights in a row working on cakes. Hope it tastes better than it looks!

Coffee mug Birthday Cake

Butter cake
Covered in Mocha chocolate buttercream icing (made with Starbucks coffee)
then covered in yellow stain ice vanilla fondant
Homemade Ghirardelli chocolate Ganache for the ‘coffee’
Whipped heavy cream buttercream icing for ‘whip cream look’

Halloween Witch Cake

The Witch is orange and fudge marble cake covered in chocolate butter cream colored black (I think my butter cream came out very smooth this time ). Her bodice and sleeves are covered in butter cream and cake sparkles. Her hat is made from chocolate fondant.

Her cauldron is a spice cake I cooked in my smallest Pyrex bowl. It’s covered in black butter cream, her ‘witches brew’ is piping gel colored green (looks very dark in the photos). The spiders, frogs, worms, pumpkins and cat are all fondant. The bones are sprinkles. The flames are butter cream the sand is brown sugar. The wood under her cauldron, her brew stir stick and the broom handle are all pretzel sticks. The broom is a cupcake shaped and covered in butter cream.

I think she came out adorable. This one was fun to make!

Princess Castle Cake

This is the cake I made for my nieces 6th birthday.

A fairy tale princess castle cake is 8”x4” round butter cake on top of a 10” x 3” yellow cake on top of a 10”x3” strawberry and yellow marble cake.

Iced with butter cream.

Each column has drop swags of royal icing and the turrets are covered in royal icing rolled in a mixture of edible cake sparkles, sparkle cake sugar and luster dust.

They stand tall with the help of melted white chocolate as ‘glue’.

There are 285 (I counted) hand make fondant forget-me-not flowers adorning this cake.

Most were applied with tweezers and royal icing and everything trimmed out with leaves and grass.

The doors are made from chocolate fondant and hand painted with edible gold pearl dust.

The coble stone path and rocks are made of white satin marshmallow fondant.

The cake weighed 17 pound of cake icing alone (without the columns and other embellishments)

26 cups of cake batter and 10lbs of powdered sugar went into making these cakes.

It took 15 hours from start to finish.

I love the little shoe.

I wish I would have had more time with this cake. I had all kinda of ideas of water, draw bridge and other things to put on it. Most of all I wish i had time to take better photos of it. The lighting is awful!

Cinderllea Cake

Cinderella is my neices favorite princess (mine too).

So I made this cake for her to go with her Princess Castle Cake as a suprise just for her. She got to keep the doll as a gift too.

This is a strawberry cake (on request) with buttercream frosting and ediable cake sparkles over buttercream icing on the bodice.

This was fun to make, kinda like dress up dolls.

I will have to make more of these.

Carmel Pecan Bourbon Cake

Carmel Oval Cake for Saturday night cul de sac labor day weekend gathering.

Carmel cake with Brown sugar bourbon cream cheese icing topped with pecans.

Not very pretty…I had too much of the bourbon while I frosted it..but it tasted O so good!

Cream Cheese Spice Cake

This was my second cake. ever. You can see how far I've come!

Not very pretty :o(

It was a spice cake with cream cheese filling! yum!

Air Force cake

Dad’s 61st Air Force Birthday Cake I made last night. He never had fondant so i wanted to make him one with it.

Pineapple Cake with a homemade Pineapple reduction filling (thanks to my sweet niece for the help!) coated in white vanilla butter cream icing and covered in fondant.

40th Anniversary Cake

Happy 40th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!

10x4” 8x4” and 6x4” Chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream

Royal icing daffodils, roses and daisy’s
Looks pretty simple compared to the last two and the next one…but this was a lot of work too! And everyone went home with cake!

4th of July Cake

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

My second tired cake, my first fondant cake (yes, very first time ever!) I made this for our neighborhood Independence day celebration we have every year.

Bottom is chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream, with butter flavor fondant
Middle is red velvet with butter butter cream, vanilla flavor fondant

Top is French vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream, vanilla fondant