Monday, May 24, 2010

Ganash Filling Anniversary Cake

So my husband and my niece were fussing that I was making 5 cakes this week and they didn’t get to have Any!

So last night while I was working on the Coffee Mug cake I made this one also.

10” square Butter cake (on request)

The remaining Ghirardelli chocolate ganache for the filling layer
Covering in a whipping cream butter cream icing, while made with full fat heavy whipping cream is strangely ‘light and fluffy’
Royal icing flowers
It was not an Anniversary cake, but I took the opportunity to practice my writing.. not sure what happened in the middle of “iver” in anniversary…

I didn't eat any..but this cake looked like it would taste soooo goood....look at that chocolate ganache yumm!

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