Monday, May 24, 2010

Granny's 88th Birthday Cake

Similar to the smaller one I did a few weeks ago, I ventured out to a 3 tiered cake for my Grandmother-in-law's 88th Birthday party of the weekend.
Lots learned here- how to bake a really large cake and how to handel them. how not to travel with a cake (the back fell off before assembled it was awful). so i had to move everthing forward and rethink my design. 
the flower placement is way off and moving each layer left me with no space to write. But all in all..everyone seemed to enjoy it and with all that said i'm ok with it too.

The bottom is a 14"x 3" white cake with chocolate bavarin cream filling.
The middle is 10"x3' and the top is 6"x3" chocolate with vanilla bavarian cream filling.
All with vanilla butter cream iciing done in the basket weave pattern.
The flowers are handmade from royal icing.
The birds are handmade from color flow icing.

The cake took 22 cups of batter, 5lbs of filling and 9lbs of powered sugar (I won't tell you how much shorting is in'd never eat cake again! but image the word 'tub' in the amount).

I am looking forward to taking Wilton Course III (fondant and tiered cakes) at the end of July.

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