Monday, May 24, 2010

Princess Castle Cake

This is the cake I made for my nieces 6th birthday.

A fairy tale princess castle cake is 8”x4” round butter cake on top of a 10” x 3” yellow cake on top of a 10”x3” strawberry and yellow marble cake.

Iced with butter cream.

Each column has drop swags of royal icing and the turrets are covered in royal icing rolled in a mixture of edible cake sparkles, sparkle cake sugar and luster dust.

They stand tall with the help of melted white chocolate as ‘glue’.

There are 285 (I counted) hand make fondant forget-me-not flowers adorning this cake.

Most were applied with tweezers and royal icing and everything trimmed out with leaves and grass.

The doors are made from chocolate fondant and hand painted with edible gold pearl dust.

The coble stone path and rocks are made of white satin marshmallow fondant.

The cake weighed 17 pound of cake icing alone (without the columns and other embellishments)

26 cups of cake batter and 10lbs of powdered sugar went into making these cakes.

It took 15 hours from start to finish.

I love the little shoe.

I wish I would have had more time with this cake. I had all kinda of ideas of water, draw bridge and other things to put on it. Most of all I wish i had time to take better photos of it. The lighting is awful!


  1. Are the towers rice krispeys or what?

  2. its the Wilton castle kit. the towers are plastic with ice cream cones on top. you can use card board or make the out of cearl treats. i opted for the plastic that came witht he kit because it was my first time making this cake and the little girl had a small party and didnt need the extra treats. hope that helps. feel free to ask any questions you'd like. i'm happy to help.

  3. I liked your idea so much, the garden is very cute, I am from Brazil and I bake here too, I also use Wilton stuffs that in my opinion helps a lot.
    Good job.
    Anything you need, or want to share just contact me, my blog is...

  4. Brilliant tips! I am starting this cake tonight also with the Wilton kit, do the columns stick solid with chocolate I am worried about them falling in transit

    1. lots of melted candy melts as "glue" will hold them. this made it on a 3 hour drive from Austin to Houston and only one fell over. i brough "glue" with me and heated it up and glued it back up. ;o)

  5. hi ..ur work is very nice ..plz i wana know did u cover the colums with fondant or what ,,do u have an idea to make the coulums from gum paste or edible thing ..and how do u got that silky color for fondant ..thanks

  6. They came that way with the kit.The silky look is from Satin Ice brand fondant with a tsp of extract added to it.