Monday, May 24, 2010

Halloween Witch Cake

The Witch is orange and fudge marble cake covered in chocolate butter cream colored black (I think my butter cream came out very smooth this time ). Her bodice and sleeves are covered in butter cream and cake sparkles. Her hat is made from chocolate fondant.

Her cauldron is a spice cake I cooked in my smallest Pyrex bowl. It’s covered in black butter cream, her ‘witches brew’ is piping gel colored green (looks very dark in the photos). The spiders, frogs, worms, pumpkins and cat are all fondant. The bones are sprinkles. The flames are butter cream the sand is brown sugar. The wood under her cauldron, her brew stir stick and the broom handle are all pretzel sticks. The broom is a cupcake shaped and covered in butter cream.

I think she came out adorable. This one was fun to make!