Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black & Gold Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower cake

This is a 6”x3” and a 8”x3” tiered french vanilla cake with strawberry filling covered in vanilla butter cream icing.The hearts are fondant and the dots are royal icing. The couple in love silhouette is made from color flow icing.

Some cakes that are supposed to be not complicated turn out to be…this cake was certainly one of them . It didn’t stack evenly I spend a long time trying to correct something that is darn near impossible to fix after it happens. Then I can’t even tell you how long it took to smooth the icing. I got it where I was ‘ok’ with it and then piped on the design she requested (this open heart with a hook ) and it looked awful…like a lower case m and j… so I scrapped it off…note black icing on white leaves a purple rings had to scrap that off too. Then I put fresh icing on top of already ‘crusted’ butter cream icing and tried to smooth it is even harder, it just doesn’t spread it pulls the first layer. I should have switched to all fondant at this point..fondant makes cakes look flawless. Problem is it expense, takes forever to make and roll out and I just didn’t have the time even if would have taken a loss on the cake. I placed the ribbon that she wanted around the cake and it was too thin and looked weird, so I had to run out and by wider ribbon first thing this morning when the store opened. Then I quick colored some fondant black (anything black is hard to achieve and takes forever and stains everything). Cut out the heart applied them and applied the color flow silhouette figures (a few times.. they kept breaking they are super fragile..glad I made several). Put the flowers on and the processed to fuss over everything. The spacing of the hearts, too many hearts..the ribbon not laying flat (I put it on 4 times) and the icing not smooth enough.
I guess the good news is it transported well and nothing moved, feel off, slide or broke and it tasted really good. 

Really not sure why everything that is normally not a problem became so troublesome this time...

In the end all with all the fixes I think it came out well and the host of the bridal shower seemed to like it. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cupcakes with 4 icing flavors


These are French vanilla cupcakes with an assortment of icings. All have handmade royal icing flowers and leaves on them. They range from roses, to apple blossoms, mums, pansies and a couple of lilies.

First row are iced with vanilla butter cream. I made this butter cream with two sticks of butter and 6 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream substituted for usual shortening and water. These were creamy and smooth. I must say it was pretty darn tasty. (I don’t want to know about the calories.)

Second row, are French vanilla cupcakes with almond flavor butter cream. My husband liked these; I wasn’t wild about the flavor. Update: I took one of these with Almond icing and removed the flower smoothed the icing out turned the cupcake upside down and dunked the top in the warm Carmel filling/sauce stuff and then placed it in the fridge to firm up for a few mins. Wow, the Almond with the firmed up Carmel filling was a great combination.

Third row, are French vanilla cupcakes with mocha flavored butter cream (made with instant coffee granules). I made mocha icing a year or so ago and it was ‘ok’ - awful strong then. This time it was much taster and we really enjoyed it this light mocha flavor with the French vanilla.

Third row are filled with a smooth creamy homemade Carmel filling and then icing with dark Rum flavored butter cream, rum icing is one of my favorite flavors of icing.

Fourth row, iced with real Cognac icing…all I have to say is these were to die for.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bridal Shower Cake

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese filling and Vanilla Butter Cream Icing.

The body is a Barbie that I cut the head and arms off and sanded down. Then covered in black fondant.

The dress and pearls are piped on with butter cream (It was hard to get it very smooth, I should have used fondant for the bodice also, but I wanted it the same 'look and texture' as the wedding gown.)  

I'm still working on my photography..honestly..I'm normally really tired when I'm done with a cake. The sun set by the time I finished this cake and I lost my natural light.

All in all I think she came out nice.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Candy Corn Castle Cake

Happy Halloween!

6"x 4" round on top of a 10" by 4" round 

Dark chocolate butter cake and Almond Rum cake (colored orange) with vanilla butter cream icing. Everything is covered in chocolate or vanilla fondant with a brick pattern. I didn't weight the fondant or the final cake, but I'm sure it was 5-8lbs of fondant. It was a heavy cake.

Bats, ghosts are fondant. Bats are on floral wire.

Almost a whole bag of Brach's Candy Corns, Reese's Pieces and Hershey's Candy Corn
Kisses  'glued' on with royal icing and or butter cream icing.

Licorice fence 'glued' together with milk chocolate candy melts.

Coffin is chocolate candy melts colored and hand shaped, dirt is brown sugar. Grass is butter cream.

I think it came out pretty darn cute!

I was playing with backgrounds, lighting, camera settings and camera angles. I kinda like these 'get down low and point up shots'. I have a very dark living room and kitchen (we have solar shades on the house) if anyone has any lighting tips or camera setting tips I would love to hear them!

I love the door and the bats.

It took 3 days and about 15+ hours. I didn't include shopping and the hours it took to clean up my kitchen, dinning room.

leave me a comment tell me what you think!

Deer Hunting Cake and Cupcake tower

This is the cake my son wanted for his 7th Birthday party at my mother in laws home in San Antonio.

It is a 12” x 18” x 3” butter chocolate cake with chocolate almond bark buttercream icing

The trees are made from sugar ice cream cones with hand piped royal icing leaves (it took two hours to pipe leaves..)
The deer corn is tiny sprinkles (thanks to my mother in law who hand picked out each of the yellow tiny sprinkles)
The cake boad is covered with wood grain contact paper trimmed with hunter orange ribbon.

This is the cupcake tower for his second 7th birthday party the next day (two parties in two days!) with his friends and our neighbors at our home.

They are vanilla cup cakes with chocolate almond bark buttercream icing.
The cupcake wrappers are were cut out by hand from cardstock, each cupcake has a Elk, Turkey or Whitetail deer ‘pick’ in it that says “I Love hunting” or “#1 Hunter”.
The cupcake tower is made from styrofoam cake dummies in various sizes covered in RealTree camoflauge wrapping paper. Each layer is sepearated with a cake circle covered in wood grain contact paper and trimmed with hunter orange ribbon


Easter Basket Weave Cake

I gave up on my horrible Easter cake.
Some times bad cakes happen. And i really really hate traving a few hours with a cake in the truck when it 80+ degrees out. Hope it tastes better than it looks.
The ¾ of the rope boarder fell off the top of the cake during traveling (that part is turned to the back in this photo) which made the top not stable enough to support the fondant basket handle that was to go on the cake.

My colors are off and the basket weave sloppy and is too far apart and then humidity got to it and everything was sliding.
The editable Easter grass was awful tasting and I spend 30mins pulling it all off so Granny and Poppo and family could eat it...
bad cake

Cupcake Tower

Happy Birthday Kelly!
Red velvet with vanilla cream cheese cupcake tower.

The Littlest Pet Shop Cake

Makayla’s 8th Birthday cake – The littlest Pet Shop theme

6”x 4” round chocolate cake with butter cream filling on a 8”x 4” dummy cake on the bottom with a 3”x 2” marble cake on top, all covered with vanilla butter cream icing.

Cupcakes are French vanilla with butter cream icing and plastic toys on top
Pink and purple Forget me not flowers and circles are vanilla fondant. Flowers on the top are inserted with floral wire and have sliver editable pearl dust on them.

Pig, Cat and Dog are all made from homemade rice crispy treats covered in royal icing then covered with marshmallow fondant, yes completely editable.

And this was my first time working with molding/carving rice crispy treat and covering them with fondant!

This cake took 13 hours to make. I am sure I could do it again allot faster.

the little piggy was my favorite…don’t cha just wanna eat ‘em up!

Birthday girl was very happy!

White on White drop strings and roses

This cake took me several days to make because I came down with bronchitis, a throat infection and a viral upper respiratory tract infection.

I started baking at the end of last week and slowing pulling it together over the weekend, a little at a time in between resting.

I wasn’t able to attend my final class due to being sick. I’m pretty sure this cake will be dry now too (not to mention covered in germs :o(

Final cake for course III class IV

10” x 4” and a 6”x 3” with separator plate and column construction.
Italian cream cakes (made with walnuts, pecans, coconut and buttermilk) with cream cheese buttercream frosting.

This is my first attempt at drop strings and second attempt at ruffle and a double ruffled garland.

Scottish Tartan & Crest Cake

Fraser Clan Tartan & Crest Cake

I made this cake for one of my co-workers. She is a huge fan of all things Scottish. Her favorite book series is called the Outlander which is about a Scottish highlander from the clan Fraser. (I highly recommend it
Diana Gabaldon's Outlander)

The Fraser crest says “Je Suis Prest” which means “I am ready”.
The bottom says “Co`Latha Breith Sona Dhuibh Sassenach” which means “Happy Birthday Sassenach” in Gaelic-Scots.

The cake is French vanilla cake with French vanilla pudding added to the batter (make a slightly more firm cake).

It’s filled with half vanilla Bavarian cream filling and half strawberry filling.
The sides are done with chocolate butter cream in the basket weave pattern with chocolate butter cream rope boarder.
The top and rope boarder are done with vanilla/butter butter cream frosting.
This has over 14 cups of batter and I lost track after 5 batches of icing… I wish I would have weighted this cake…it’s very very heavy.
This cake took 14+ hours to make and decorate (doesn’t include research, shopping for supplies, set up, clean up or delivery).

It’s a surprise for her…she hasn’t seen it yet, I can’t wait to see her reaction! - update: She loved it and so did the whole office. Many complements on design and the outstanding flavors. :o)

here is a copy of the design I used for the Fraser crest

this was a thick cake!

and big too!

I am very pleased with how this one turned out.  

Baseball Cupcakes

This was the fastest icing job I've ever was i running short on time. don't look to close they are not don't neatly...but the baseball team loved them just the same!

Go Rangers!

Mother's Day Cake

Cupcakes 1: Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, butter cream flowers.

~Cupcakes 2: Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bavarian cream filling and vanilla butter cream frosting with butter cream roses

~Cupcakes 3: Forget healthy snacks and orange slices, Ransom’s turn to bring his Baseball team’s snack…cupcakes!
White chocolate vanilla cupcakes with vanilla Bavarian cream filling and vanilla butter cream frosting

~Mother’s Day Cakes:
3 tires tiered lemon cake with four layers of lemon filling and vanilla butter cream frosting. Roses and lilies and leaves are royal icing.


Little Barnyard Cake

Little Barnyard Cake

The barn strawberry cake with vanilla/butter cream icing

The barn yard is 9x13” French vanilla cake with butter/butter cream

The edges of the barn yard and the path to the barn are covered with chocolate butter cream and crushed walnuts

Silo made from cereal treats covered in butter/butter cream icing

“Happy Birthday Abby” and “3rd” signs is a gram cracker covered in butter cream icing.

Chickens (complete with combs and detailed feathers), pigs (with wrinkles and curly tails), cow (with eye lashes, hair and horns), corn (with husk and Each kernel hand piped on), mouse on top of silo (with whiskers and curly tail) are all made from Royal icing.

Sheep are marshmallows with pretzel legs and covered in butter cream icing

6 batches of icing, and over 15 hours of work (not including research and prep, shopping, clean up or delivery)…I cried (a lot) when it feel over in the truck moments before reaching its final destination (stupid speed bump!). It was somewhat repairable:o(. (we put a foil wrapped brick behind the barn to hold it up…maybe the barn was green and generating solar power with the foil brick) the chicken that was on the barn roof lost his little life too soon and never made the final presentation. I like to thank the Castillo family for making me feeling like it falling over wasn’t a big deal and that it still looked great.