Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black & Gold Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower cake

This is a 6”x3” and a 8”x3” tiered french vanilla cake with strawberry filling covered in vanilla butter cream icing.The hearts are fondant and the dots are royal icing. The couple in love silhouette is made from color flow icing.

Some cakes that are supposed to be not complicated turn out to be…this cake was certainly one of them . It didn’t stack evenly I spend a long time trying to correct something that is darn near impossible to fix after it happens. Then I can’t even tell you how long it took to smooth the icing. I got it where I was ‘ok’ with it and then piped on the design she requested (this open heart with a hook ) and it looked awful…like a lower case m and j… so I scrapped it off…note black icing on white leaves a purple rings had to scrap that off too. Then I put fresh icing on top of already ‘crusted’ butter cream icing and tried to smooth it is even harder, it just doesn’t spread it pulls the first layer. I should have switched to all fondant at this point..fondant makes cakes look flawless. Problem is it expense, takes forever to make and roll out and I just didn’t have the time even if would have taken a loss on the cake. I placed the ribbon that she wanted around the cake and it was too thin and looked weird, so I had to run out and by wider ribbon first thing this morning when the store opened. Then I quick colored some fondant black (anything black is hard to achieve and takes forever and stains everything). Cut out the heart applied them and applied the color flow silhouette figures (a few times.. they kept breaking they are super fragile..glad I made several). Put the flowers on and the processed to fuss over everything. The spacing of the hearts, too many hearts..the ribbon not laying flat (I put it on 4 times) and the icing not smooth enough.
I guess the good news is it transported well and nothing moved, feel off, slide or broke and it tasted really good. 

Really not sure why everything that is normally not a problem became so troublesome this time...

In the end all with all the fixes I think it came out well and the host of the bridal shower seemed to like it. 


  1. adorable! i like so much your flowers and the silhouette is lovely

  2. Hi! I love this cake! I was just wondering how you did the color flow for the silhouette? I am doing head silhouettes for a wedding cake topper, and am just trying to figure out the best way--whether it be fondant or this or something non-edible...anyway, would love to hear your technique for this!