Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Barnyard Cake

Little Barnyard Cake

The barn strawberry cake with vanilla/butter cream icing

The barn yard is 9x13” French vanilla cake with butter/butter cream

The edges of the barn yard and the path to the barn are covered with chocolate butter cream and crushed walnuts

Silo made from cereal treats covered in butter/butter cream icing

“Happy Birthday Abby” and “3rd” signs is a gram cracker covered in butter cream icing.

Chickens (complete with combs and detailed feathers), pigs (with wrinkles and curly tails), cow (with eye lashes, hair and horns), corn (with husk and Each kernel hand piped on), mouse on top of silo (with whiskers and curly tail) are all made from Royal icing.

Sheep are marshmallows with pretzel legs and covered in butter cream icing

6 batches of icing, and over 15 hours of work (not including research and prep, shopping, clean up or delivery)…I cried (a lot) when it feel over in the truck moments before reaching its final destination (stupid speed bump!). It was somewhat repairable:o(. (we put a foil wrapped brick behind the barn to hold it up…maybe the barn was green and generating solar power with the foil brick) the chicken that was on the barn roof lost his little life too soon and never made the final presentation. I like to thank the Castillo family for making me feeling like it falling over wasn’t a big deal and that it still looked great.

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