Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa (crashed) in the snow

This is a quick cake I pulled together one evening for a pot luck we had a work last friday (the day after the tartan cake was due) it’s cute but not my favorite. (I had a few glasses of a really lovely cabernet sauvignon while making it and honestly after a few dozen cakes in 3 weeks I was tired..Santa ended up with )

so here is Santa crashed in the snow (maybe it’s just how I was feeling??) anyways, is Chocolate cake with milk chocolate truffle filling and vanilla butter cream icing. Santa’s legs are homemade rice cereal treats covered in vanilla fondant with butter cream as well. The whole cake is heavily covered in shimmer cake dust, cake sparkles and iridescent cake sparkly flakes.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Black and Ivory Tartan cake

Black and Ivory Tartan Birthday Cake

2 layers of a white velvet sour cream cake with dark chocolate whisky ganache filling and vanilla butter cream on top of a French vanilla cake with milk chocolate ganache filling all sprinkled with shimmery ivory cake flakes.


Happy Birthday Vicki!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shimmery Spice & Carrot Cakes w/ Cinnamon Cream cheese icing and shimmery roses

Spice cake with caramel filling and cinnamon cream cheese filling on top of a carrot cake with royal icing roses painted with luster dust.  

Whole cake is sprinkled with editable shimmer flakes

Happy Birthday to my boss!

(Thank you Lis for your photos)

Autumn Leaves Cake

French vanilla butter cake with homemade caramel filling and Ghirardelli chocolate butter cream icing. gumpaste leaves hand painted with vodka and luster dust. Thank you to Lis for her outstanding photography!!

Turkey Cake

What does one do with left over cake batter, rice cereal treats and random turkey parts…makes another turkey cake!

I gave him a little hair on top and a beard too! This one is not so cute, kinda the ugly sibling turkey(four days in the kitchen and 7 cakes later..i was tired).
But can’t go wrong with left over cake parts. (so its for my family to eat).

It’s French vanilla butter cake with (my first try at) homemade caramel filling and Ghirardelli chocolate butter cream icing. Turkey head is homemade rice cereal treats with ghirardelli white chocolate coating then covered in chocolate buttercream. Beak and waddle are fondant. Nostrils are done with editable markers. Feathers are made from gum paste then panted with different fall shades of luster dust, several broke so he only has a few feathers left. chocolate candy rocks around the base, and gum past acorns dusted with luster dust.

Pilgrim Turkey Cake

Happy Thankgiving!

The base cake is a pumpkin spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing done in a basket weave pattern with gumpaste leaves around the base, Turkey is french vanilla cake with Ghirardelli chocolate buttercream icing. Turkey head is homemade rice creal treats with ghirardelli white chocolate coating then covered in chocolate buttercream. Beak and waddle are fondant. Nostrols are done with edtiable markers. Pilgrams hat is a extra large chocolate marshmallow then covered in gum paste and dusted with luster dust. Pilgram shirt/collar is vannilla fondant. Feathers are made from gum paste then panted with different fall shades of luster dust.

Mummy Cake with spiders

Zomibe Cake

with red velvet brain cupcakes! (notice the little cookie knives)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Under the Sea cake - by my 8 year old son

Summer baking class:

My son's Nanny took him to the cake shop where 7-8+ year old got to take a class on how to make there own under the sea cake!

This was his very first fondant cake that he did all by himself!

Sea anemones, star fish, octopus, shell fish, sand, rocks, sea weed, under water plants..
here is the instructors example
he was so very proud of himself!

 and could not wait to eat it!

Western Bling Birthday Cake

Happy 17th Birthday to my niece Delayna!

Vanilla cake with chocolate filling. Covered with chocolate and vanilla fondant. Silver belt buckle is fondant hand painted with silver luster dust then painted with silver shimmer air brushing paint. Rope is done with chocolate Twizzlers glued with chocolate candy melts.

Sorry these photos are not very clear or in focus.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Confirmation cake

Confirmation cake

Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream icing.

Cross was done with fondant and hand painted with gold luster dust, the diving dove was cut from fondant. Scroll work was hand pipped in each of the corners and the look of the 'pages' was hand done on the sides of the cake.

Pflugerville Rangers Baseball Cake

Pflugerville Rangers Baseball team end of year party

Bad things happen to good cake….

This is what happens when you wait to the last minute and throw something together (in the Texas 100+ heat) that really needed more time than i gave myself.  

This (was suppose) to be chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling. The filling got too warm and squished out the sides, stack a cake on top of it and it gets worse, stack heavy baseball and baseball cap made from dense rice crispy treats covered in heavy fondant and add a heavy solid chocolate fondant baseball bat and it gets even worse, then push down to get the heavy fondant flags into the cake and it sadly fell apart.

 pulled the top layer off and stuck it on top of the cupcake stand and the team and parents dug into this with forks!

Good thing there was still a cupcake tower to enjoy.  

Cupcakes were butter cake with vanilla butter cream. The grass was done with butter cream with candy baseball gloves on them in blue baseball cupcake wrappers. Each Ranger had plastic baseball rings on their cupcakes with custom cupcake wrappers (they had the Rangers logo on the front and there name and numbers on the back – which you cant see from any of these bad photos).

look what the heat did to the bat :0(

I should send this sad sad "cake" in to cakewrecks.blogspot

bad things happen to good cake....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Xanadu Birthday Cake

A place where nobody dared to go
The love that we came to know
They call it Xanadu
Xanadu, Xanadu,
now we are here
In Xanadu
Xanadu, Xanadu,
now we are here
In Xanadu
Xanadu, your neon lights will shine
For you, Xanadu……

This is a French vanilla butter cake with yellow food coloring in the batter and Bavarian cream filling and vanilla butter cream. The top is done with edible images and the Xanadu logo is done with color flow icing and then hand painted with metallic blue luster dust. The neon yellow boarder (the whole bottle of neon yellow) is sprinkled with disco dust. The Happy Birthday Melisa is done with butter cream highlighted/outlined with gold fleck’s mixed in piping gel giving it a sparkly golden glow. The butter cream lines were hand painted with metallic blue luster dust. The roller skates are made from fondant brushed with super pearl luster dust. The whole cake is sprinkled with sparkly disco dust (yes it's called disco dust).

12 cups of batter and 5 batches of buttercream…not sure how much this cake weighed but it was a lot!

The look was sparkly tacky gaudy 1980 roller-skate Olivia Newton john glam…well…I think that was achieved!

Happy Birthday Melisa!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Cupcakes

Quick throw something together in an hour for Easter dinner. As I wasn't going to bake and didn't think we were going to have company.

Banana chocolate chip cupcakes with butter butter cream frosting.

They were just "ok". general vote was they tasted more like a muffin and didn't need the frosting or needed some cream cheese frosting (which i didn't have).

Won't make them again.

Cherry Blossoms and Ribbon Bridal shower cake

This was a white cake with cream cheese filling (colored pink) with butter vanilla butter cream. This cake has satin ice blue stripes and the brown stripes and branches are done in chocolate fondant. The cherry blossoms were made in fondant and hand molded to shape and hand painted with food coloring and edible food markers for variation. The Cherry blossom centers were done in royal icing. The leaves and boarder were done in butter cream. Tied with a satin ribbon.

I think this cake was much cuter in person as the shadows and lighting here is poor.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo Album Twins Birthday Cake

Happy 60th Birthday Gail and Gary!

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on the bottom and vanilla buttercream on top photo album book. Book cover and book mark are done in fondant. The book mark was painted with metallic gold luster dust. Photos are edible images.