Monday, January 31, 2011

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to my son!

He wanted a Harry Potter party so here is the cake idea we came up with together after looking at many ideas on

The bottom cake is an 18”x24” chocolate cake, the book is a white vanilla cake, the (mini) Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is butter yellow cake.
All of the cakes were covered in butter/vanilla butter cream icing.

The bottom cake is wrapped in chocolate fondant with a wood grain pattern in it. The castle is also covered in chocolate fondant and a brick pattern. 

The edges of the books pages were hand painted with food coloring watered down with corn syrup and water so I could paint with it.

The wand, the book mark and glasses are also fondant.

The doors are painted with gold luster dust.

The scarf with fringe tassels is fondant as well. 

The grass is butter cream.

The stars and moon are fondant painted with gold and pearl luster dust on floral wire.

The Hogwarts crest in the lower right corner is an edible image. I was going to put in the center of the wood grain base but I didn’t look just right.

The snitch sits upon a pedestal of cereal treats with a stars and moon pattern on the fondant. The snitches wings are ‘glued’ to the ball with melted butterscotch chips.

The castle’s turrets are ice cream cones covered in black fondant with a ‘scales’ pattern.  They are ‘glued’ down with melted Ghirardelli dark chocolates.

What's a Magical birthday cake with out some sparkle and fire!

This cake has 26 cups of batter and I think 4-5 batches of butter cream. It was super heavy…I didn’t weight the cake.

My photos are not so good, I think the cake came out really well :o)

Birthday/Anniversary Cake

Birthday/Anniversary Cake

French vanilla cake with vanilla Bavarian cream filling and butter/vanilla flavored butter cream icing.

Ribbon and flower were done in fondant in their wedding colors of purple and white.

Again a special thanks to for her great photography! I wish I could have her take photos of all my cakes!

PattiCakes! now in pink boxes!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Harley Davidson Birthday Cake

Harley Davidson Birthday Cake!

I made this cake for my boss’s birthday.

One layer of vanilla sponge stacked on top of a layer of chocolate sponge with vanilla butter cream filling and vanilla butter cream frosting.    

It had three motorcycles "driving"around the cake.

 This cake was a 10x10x4 square - it was pretty tall and very heavy in the end.

I wanted to ‘cheat’ and use an edible image for the Harley Davidson logo, but the bake shop would not print it due to copy right laws. I had to hand pipe the logo and the motorcycles out of butter cream. I think the logo and motorcycles came out nice. What was very disappointing was the different powered sugar I used. For some reason it was very ‘crystal’ like and the food coloring didn’t absorbed into the icing when I was coloring it. It seems to ‘separate’ (as seen in this photo) the orange looked awful. Now all I have to do if figure out which brand of powdered sugar I bought so it won’t happen again!

A special “Thank You” to 
for her wonderful photography!
Her photos are so good it make me want to strive harder for smooth flawless icing perfection!

 and last...
what's a
Harley cake
without a
bit of fire!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dead Bird Cake (Bird Hunting Birthday Cake)

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a dead bird on a cake... Happy Birthday Trevor!

This was a Bourbon Butter Pecan Cake with Rum Buttercream icing (it was so good).

The dead Dove is made from French vanilla rice cereal treats covered in fondant.
Shotgun shells are French vanilla rice cereal treats covered in fondant and edible gold luster dust.

‘Buck shot’ are edible silver pearls (two on the body, one in the head, one on the wing and few on the 'ground'.

The rope boarder is done with rum buttercream and the barb wire is royal icing.

again, to tell you the lighting in my house is awful, the first photo (taken with an iphone was more accurate on the color) .

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christening Cake

My niece Abby’s was baptized today!
This is the cake I made for her.

Chocolate with vanilla butter cream icing and fondant bow and sash.
it was her favorite color - hot pink...doest look that color in these photos.

My photography is getting (slightly) better

Christmas Cake

A little late posting (i had camera issues), but this is the cake I made for our pot luck at work last month.

It was French vanilla with butter/vanilla butter cream and fondant bow.

special thanks to Lis for her awesome photography of my cake!