Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dead Bird Cake (Bird Hunting Birthday Cake)

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a dead bird on a cake... Happy Birthday Trevor!

This was a Bourbon Butter Pecan Cake with Rum Buttercream icing (it was so good).

The dead Dove is made from French vanilla rice cereal treats covered in fondant.
Shotgun shells are French vanilla rice cereal treats covered in fondant and edible gold luster dust.

‘Buck shot’ are edible silver pearls (two on the body, one in the head, one on the wing and few on the 'ground'.

The rope boarder is done with rum buttercream and the barb wire is royal icing.

again, to tell you the lighting in my house is awful, the first photo (taken with an iphone was more accurate on the color) .


  1. Awesome cake! The cake tasted as good as it looked. Can't wait until my next birthday :)
    Thanks Patti!

  2. The gold luster dust is pretty! What is the "ground?" It looks like chopped nuts. Poor bird. If it wasn't the birdshot that got him, it was probably the hungry birthday boy.
    Very nice cake! Good job, Patti!