Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bottle of Hot Pink Nail Polish

Happy 5th Birthday Miss Riley!

What little little girl woun’t love a hot pink sparkly bottle of nail polish for her birthday!

This cake was four 8” round white cakes covered in hot pink vanilla butter cream. White fondant daisies with black fondant centers. Each daisy was hand painted with pearl luster dust and dried in a flower former so the petals were curved. 

The handle to the bottle of nail polish was originally done with rice crispy treats and covered in black fondant but, it weighed almost 2lbs and would add too much weight to this already tall and heavy cake. So that idea was scratched and opted for non-edible styrofoam was covered in fondant instead. This was one of just many problems with this cake. 

I love the hot pink cake crystals.

Right off the bat this cake that wasn’t suppose to be difficult was. (I’m starting to think this ‘harder than it needs to be’ is happening on average every 8-10 cakes). The bottom layer had what I refer to as a fault line, one weak spot in a cake turns into a crack under weight and there is no stopping a ravine that follows. I tried un-assembling the cake and putting the two bottom cakes on the top, but the whole cake wasn’t level and the fault line got worse. Unlevel cakes are unacceptable. There is nothing to do at this point but to start again. For me, this was a 10:00pm. At this point my husband (who has all the patience) was a saint. He worked for the next several hours with me on getting this cake done.  So from scratch I started again and re-baked two of the four cakes and waited for them to cool. My husband did the whole structure support system including a trip to the store at 11pm last night for dowel rods and card board cake circles. At 12:15am he was in the garage using power tools to cut the styrofoam into perfect circle to stack on top of each other to make up the handle of the bottle after the rice crispy thing wasn’t going to work. Then, I had made a four batches of icing and colored two of them the hot pink I needed. I covered the layers and the whole cake in the two batches of the pink butter cream only to run out at the last minute – just a little more was all I needed. But I didn’t have any more of the right color food coloring. I had to mix and mix and mix several shades of pink to get as close to the hot pink food coloring I had run out of. I got what I thought was the matching shade, finished the boarder, added the sparkles, added the flower I had made while the cakes were cooking and cooling made the name plate, wrote on it, attached everything and it was 2:00am.

Again, i forgot (probably due to tiredness) to weigh this cake but it was pretty heavy and pretty tall too at least 26" tall! 

A great big thanks to my husband for his patience with me and his assistance. Love you honey.

In the end, I think it came out like a super cute huge bottle of hot pink sparkly nail polish! Happy Birthday Riley!


  1. I love this. I have to do this cake. Thank you for this post. I was going to do the rice crispy treats also, but know you're making me think I should go another route. :)

  2. I love this and your description of how you made it is exactly what I needed to have the confidence to try it this weekend for my daughter's birthday party. THANKS!