Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Masquerade Cake

Black, White and Red Masquerade Cake.

This is also my first time doing the "quilting look'. I like the look.  The silver beads are edible.

The homemade marshmallow fondant was very messy to make. I got excited about making it because I thought when I was done with the first 2-3 batches and it was 'resting' that this was going to be a winner…making my own fondant would be a fraction of the cost And most tastes a ton better! You can flavor the marshmallow fondant with any extract and it’s softer than regular fondant. I even made a batch with a bag of Gingerbread marshmallows... I had and had gingerbread flavored fondant!

But...the next day when I went to roll out the fondant and cover the cakes I found out quickly that it's elasticity stinks - it tears very easy and doesn’t stretch well! And I also found out you can only color it when making it not after it done like regular fondant. Last, it’s not nearly as smooth looking as regular fondant. Up close you can see what I’d call ‘pits’ in the fondant. Not an all over smooth look like regular Disappointing to say the least. I’ll have to do some more research before continuing on with homemade mm fondant.
This is a 6" on top of and 8" on top of a 12" round. They are all covered in my first attempt at making homemade marshmallow fondant!

Sorry about the shinny glare in the photos



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