Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Longhorn Football Birthday Cake

Happy 41st Birthday Mike!

The football is chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. The field is a 10” x 2” square butter cake with half Bavarian cream filling and half strawberry filling, covered in vanilla butter buttercream icing.

The football has a really nice leather like texture on the buttercream (thanks for the textured paper towel at 9:15pm Kelly! What great neighbors I have). The longhorns, letters, stripes and laces are all done in vanilla fondant. Did I mention how hard it is to achieve burnt orange with food coloring?

My Aggie husband just couldn’t let this burnt orange cake leave our home without some of the ‘proper’ colors on it – Gig ‘em – Whoop! I wore my Aggie shirt and pants while I made this cake Mike ;o)

Special Thanks to Lis for her fantastic photography!

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