Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ponyo Cake

This is Ponyo.

 A odd little Disney cartoon movie it is, but my friend’s precious little boy wanted “Ponyo cake Mommy, Ponyo cake” for his 3rd Birthday. So Ponyo he gets!

This is a 10”  two layer vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing. They wanted the filling to be just like the syrupy strawberry stuff you get on ice cream at Dairy Queen. So I walked into DQ and asked if I could buy just a cup of the sauce and chunks. It took 3 cashiers and 1 manger to figure out how to ring it up and what to charge for it! But that’s what the filling of this cake was.

Ponyo was made with fondant. Her green pail was fondant as well, filled with blue water-colored piping gel. Ponyo loves ham, the pink/red thing on the side is a slice of ham. The anchor and the number 3 are fondant as well. The star fish and sea shells are made out of white chocolates. The reeds/water grasses are butter cream.

Ponyo traveled to the surface of the ocean under a jelly fish. And her father puts her in a bubble during the movie. So I made a gelatin bubble. This was my first time working with drying gelatin. It took 1 hour to make the bubble and 24 hours to dry. I should have made Ponyo a 3D figure and put her under the bubble but I didn’t have the time, and wasn’t sure if the bubble would even work. I think the bubble came out ok.

I hear the birthday boy, didn’t want to cut the cake and wanted everyone at the party to know it was HIS Ponyo cake!

Happy Birthday Gabriel!