Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Confirmation cake

Confirmation cake

Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream icing.

Cross was done with fondant and hand painted with gold luster dust, the diving dove was cut from fondant. Scroll work was hand pipped in each of the corners and the look of the 'pages' was hand done on the sides of the cake.

Pflugerville Rangers Baseball Cake

Pflugerville Rangers Baseball team end of year party

Bad things happen to good cake….

This is what happens when you wait to the last minute and throw something together (in the Texas 100+ heat) that really needed more time than i gave myself.  

This (was suppose) to be chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling. The filling got too warm and squished out the sides, stack a cake on top of it and it gets worse, stack heavy baseball and baseball cap made from dense rice crispy treats covered in heavy fondant and add a heavy solid chocolate fondant baseball bat and it gets even worse, then push down to get the heavy fondant flags into the cake and it sadly fell apart.

 pulled the top layer off and stuck it on top of the cupcake stand and the team and parents dug into this with forks!

Good thing there was still a cupcake tower to enjoy.  

Cupcakes were butter cake with vanilla butter cream. The grass was done with butter cream with candy baseball gloves on them in blue baseball cupcake wrappers. Each Ranger had plastic baseball rings on their cupcakes with custom cupcake wrappers (they had the Rangers logo on the front and there name and numbers on the back – which you cant see from any of these bad photos).

look what the heat did to the bat :0(

I should send this sad sad "cake" in to cakewrecks.blogspot

bad things happen to good cake....