Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Turkey Cake

What does one do with left over cake batter, rice cereal treats and random turkey parts…makes another turkey cake!

I gave him a little hair on top and a beard too! This one is not so cute, kinda the ugly sibling turkey(four days in the kitchen and 7 cakes later..i was tired).
But can’t go wrong with left over cake parts. (so its for my family to eat).

It’s French vanilla butter cake with (my first try at) homemade caramel filling and Ghirardelli chocolate butter cream icing. Turkey head is homemade rice cereal treats with ghirardelli white chocolate coating then covered in chocolate buttercream. Beak and waddle are fondant. Nostrils are done with editable markers. Feathers are made from gum paste then panted with different fall shades of luster dust, several broke so he only has a few feathers left. chocolate candy rocks around the base, and gum past acorns dusted with luster dust.

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