Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nuts about you! Valentines Day Cake

Happy Valentine’s Day!


This is a red velvet heart cake with a white cake (colored pink) heart shaped cake in the center of the cake (not shown – hopefully I’ll remember to take photos of it when we cut into the center)

The red velvet cake is icing in buttercream and the rosettes are sprinkled with pink sanding sugar and white iridescent cake sparkle flakes, then adorned with white candy hearts (wish the photos were better)

Squirrels are pink colored white cake with chocolate and peanut butter Buttercream. Their tails are graham crackers cut and then frosted. The only fondant on this cake is their noses! The heart they are holding is a graham cracker as well with the wording done with an edible marker "Nuts about You" (I wrote a love note to my husband on the back of the heart...)

(I think the squirrels look a bit like beavers..)

My son's Valentines day cards (thanks for the idea pintrest!) I think they came out cute!

Happy Valentines Day to my boys! Love you guys!