Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Leave it to a soon to be 6 year old to stump me with cake design…adorable little Johnny wanted a Beywheel cake for his birthday. First I had to find out what one was…

(photo is awful)

After consulting so many people about how to do the tread for this cake as well as some of the other elements it was my husband who came up with most of the design elements to create a replica of this toy.

(here is the toy)

He suggested using a larger pan (like 14” pan – it was a big cake) so it was not as thick as a stand 8” or 10” round which is deeper. Then he and I and a neighbor and a co-worker all talked about the tread for days, after ideas about making it with frosting, fondant, carving it, using cookies dipped in red chocolate, using Twislers cut and placed into shape of the tread, finally it was the kit kat that was the winner. Cut and placed at the correct angle then iced…who knew tread would be so hard to come up with..

(ignore the shinny icing in the bad photo)

The “build up” center parts are made from marshmallow rice cereal treats covered in chocolate fondant.

The phoenix in the center was hand painted on free hand (which I hate – if it’s not centered or proportions are off the whole thing looks like something that should be on but this one came out ok. I used a liquid metal color used for air brushing (which I don’t have but was the best color match) mixed with a bit of light blue pearl lust and a lot of silver luster dust. It was hard to paint as the was no clear head on shot of the image so I had to replicate it best I could.

The bolts are chocolate cake bake in a micro mini muffin pan the iced.

The cake itself is chocolate with vanilla butter buttercream.

I lent them a rotating cake stand (that was flat, like a plate - not really a sand) so that the cake would “spin” like the toy ;o)

Little Johnny really wanted the candle on the Phoenix with his birthday candle ;o)

Happy customer…

Happy 6th Birthday!